4th V.N. Gribov Memorial Workshop: Theoretical Physics of XXI Century
4th V.N. Gribov Memorial Workshop
June, 17-20
Chernogolovka, Russia
The Workshop will take place at the L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, at the  Chernogolovka  Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, some 45 km north-east of Moscow.

Travel and Transport

A conference bus will commute every day of the conference between Moscow (Shchelkovskaya subway station) and the conference site: departure from Moscow at 8:30 am on June 17 and 8:00 other days (point 1 on the map), departure from Chernogolovka after the last session.

How to get to the conference site by public transportation

  • To get from Sheremetyevo airport (Terminal 2) to Moscow take bus 851 to "Rechnoi vokzal" metro station or bus 817 to "Planernaya". You can also take a minibus to "Rechnoi vokzal" or "Planernaya" (more info on the web-site of the airport). A still more convenient is the express traoin to the "Belorusskaya" train station, where from take the Moscow subway.
  • From Domodedovo airport you can take an express train to "Paveletskaya" (more info on the web-site of the airport under "transportation").
  • Once you get to the Moscow subway, head to the station "Schelkovskaya", the terminal station on the blue line, North-East direction. Take the hrasd cars of teh train/
  • At "Schelkovskaya" take the exit near the first (head) car, turn right, then left and upstairs.
  • There is a large bus terminal near "Shchelkovskaya". There you take an express bus 320 (Moscow-Chernogolovka) or 360 (Moscow-Dubrovo) to Chernogolovka. They. depart from Platform 1 (point 2 on the map).
  • Alternatively, take a minibus "Moscow-Chernogolovka" (numbered 320) from point 2.
  • On both 320 and 360 busses and minibusses tickets are purchased from the driver.
  • It usually takes about 1 hour to get to Chernogolovka from "Schelkovskaya"

Map of Chernogolovka

It is about 7' walk from the Chrernogolovka Bus terminal to the hotel ("Old", mark 4 on the chart) --- a clearly visible 10+ story tower at the far end of the Skol'ny Blvrd. Be careful while
crossing a street (Institutsky prospect) from the Bus terminal to the Blvrd.

It is about 10' walk from the Bust terminal to the Landau Institute

It is about 12-13' walk from the hotel to the Landau Institute --- follow the "diagonal" pedestrian walks, cross a street leaving a small shopping mall on the left side, cross digonally a little square and follow a diagonal pedestrian walk across a forest --- the Landau ITP will be the first building you will see on the right hand side.

The hotel is a failrly modest one with the current price list:

Single-bed room: 2300 Roubles per night
Double-bed room: 3000 Roubles per night

Three-bed room: 2100 Roubles per night --- it is in the two-room block, so-that a bathroom facilities are shared with the tenant of the 2nd room
Single-bed room in the two-room block: 1500 Roubles per night, the same as above regarding the bathroom.
Double-bed room in the two-room block: 2000 Roubles per night, the same as above regarding the bathroom/
Double-bed room-de-lux: 3500 Roubles per night.
Doule-bed 2-room appartment for up to 4 persons: 5000 Roubles per night

The current exccgange rate us: USD approx 50 Roubles, Euro approx 55 Roubles, allow for +/- 5% fluctuations.

See bigger size image

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