4th V.N. Gribov Memorial Workshop: Theoretical Physics of XXI Century
4th V.N. Gribov Memorial Workshop
June, 17-20
Chernogolovka, Russia


This Workshop is to commemorate Vladimir Naumovich Gribov (1930-1997), one of the founders of modern theoretical high energy physics.
The title is to remind us of Gribov's vast impact on theoretical physics spanning from the theory of strong interactions and diffraction phenomena at high energies to seminal ideas and technique in deep inelastic scattering to foundations of the neutrino astrophysics and the theory of neutrino oscillations to intricate inner workings of the nonabelian gauge theories.

The Worksop sessions will be held 17-20 June,  2015 at the L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, where Vladimir Naumovich was a head of the Particle Physics Department.

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